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ENC was founded with one core belief: that clients should have easy access to the insights and market knowledge they need to make critical business decisions. Our team of professionals has decades of experience in business intelligence, subscription platforms, and the expert network industry.

This unique blend of expertise has allowed us to develop a platform that provides clients with unparalleled access to experts around the world. Through our marketplace, clients can easily engage any expert network they want, and expert networks can compete with the legacy players through a more efficient and cost-effective model.

Meet our team

Alex Repin Alex Repin
Alex Repin Head of Growth LinkedIn
Ioane Januashvili Ioane Januashvili
Ioane Januashvili Key Accounts & Partnerships Manager LinkedIn
Valentina Rusnac Valentina Rusnac
Valentina Rusnac Head of Digital Marketing LinkedIn
Alexandru Dumitras Alexandru Dumitras
Alexandru Dumitras Director of Software Development LinkedIn
Iulia Lungu Iulia Lungu
Iulia Lungu UX/UI Designer LinkedIn
Vladislav Golban Vladislav Golban
Vladislav Golban QA Engineer LinkedIn
Marin Tomescu Marin Tomescu
Marin Tomescu QA Engineer LinkedIn
Victor Istrati Victor Istrati
Victor Istrati Software Engineer LinkedIn
Victor Jaloba Victor Jaloba
Victor Jaloba Software Engineer LinkedIn
Andrei Tihonovschi Andrei Tihonovschi
Andrei Tihonovschi Software Engineer LinkedIn
Marin Cunup Marin Cunup
Marin Cunup Software Engineer LinkedIn
Dumitru Ribac Dumitru Ribac
Dumitru Ribac Software Engineer LinkedIn
Valeria Dubina Valeria Dubina
Valeria Dubina Software Engineer LinkedIn
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