Frequently Asked Questions

What is ENC?

ENC is a platform that makes it easy for business leaders to find and engage expert networks without subscriptions or prepayments. We help both sides of this equation unlock new opportunities while giving experts in the field more chances than ever before to reach their goals!

Is there a subscription or prepayment?

There is no subscription cost or prepayment.

How much does the access to ENC cost?

It doesn't cost anything to be on ENC. You only pay for the booked calls just like with your usual suspects.

How does the billing work?

You only pay one invoice per project, when you mark it "complete" or when it reaches the deadline.

Can I have my current Expert Network provider on the platform?

Yes, you can invite your providers to ENC by simply putting us in touch here.

Is ENC an Expert Network?

We're not, we're an expert network aggregator platform. Think of it as Amazon for expert network services.

How do you monetize?

We take a 10% fee, a rate that will never go up, for offering the platform’s functionality and features, including transcripts, recordings, and more.

What if I use another Expert Network marketplace?

You're free to use other aggregators alongside ENC.

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